Thursday, June 30, 2011

Corvette Cafe (Bowling Green, KY)

Bike:  Buell XB9R
Route:  Google Maps

This quick lunch trip to Corvette Cafe at The National Corvette Museum almost goes against the spirit of my rules, since it sits right off I-65 @ Exit 28. But I went well out of my way to avoid the Interstate, so it counts. And I felt it was only appropriate to take the American bike to the Corvette Museum...

Block Party I.

Block Party II.

Corvette Cafe.
They have tables outside if you're into that kind of thing.
The Cafe is a real simple affair. Just order at the counter...
...and have a seat.
Or, while waiting for your food, you might want to check out the Museum lobby where they display new Vettes waiting for those buyers who selected option R8C (National Corvette Museum Delivery). And you might see a raffle car or two, such as the Camaro on the left. They have huge restrooms and a well-stocked gift shop attached to the lobby, also.

Chicken Philly Sandwich & Potato Salad.

VERDICT:  Let's be honest, nobody really comes here just to eat. And that's a shame because the food is good. If you ever find yourself at or near the Museum for another reason, grab some lunch here. It's simple, it's quick, and the atmosphere is unbeatable. Every sandwich I've had was cooked to order, and the potato salad is excellent.

BONUS:  They might have the nicest restrooms in town. If you ever need to make a pitstop while running between Louisville and Nashville, this is worth remembering since the nearest I-65 rest area has been demolished.

This picture could have been a lot better if I had the GoPro LCD BacPac.
The city just ain't quite as pretty...
Self portrait.

Headin' uphill. Headin home...


UPDATE (12/12/11):  I stopped in for a Reuben while on that side of town today. Good sandwich!

Reuben & Hawaiian Fruit Salad.

UPDATE II (12/27/11):  We went looking for a BBQ lunch, but found three BBQ joints closed for the day (or week), so here we are. We browsed the museum lobby while our food was being prepared. I love this place...

What could be better than picking up your Centennial Edition ZR1 at the National Corvette Museum?  Not nothin'.
2012 Centennial Edition ZR1.

BLT, Potato Salad, Grilled Cheese, & Chips.
Root Beer Float.

I like this place better every time I drop by...

UPDATE III (1/13/14):  Here's a new post with pictures of the museum itself, including a ton of C7 Stingray photos.

National Corvette Museum

Sinkhole Central.

C7 Heaven

UPDATE IV (4/25/14):  Of course the sinkhole has been a huge story and we've spent a lot of time at the museum since February 12th. With a new family membership in hand, we've been visiting the museum every day a car is pulled out of the hole and plenty of days in between. Lots of Corvette Cafe food, and lots of pictures. I'll probably post them sometime around the 20th Anniversary later this year. In the meantime, it's been cool to see some of them on the wall that was built to restrict Skydome access.

Sinkhole Saga.


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