Thursday, June 9, 2011

Boyce Store (Alvaton, KY)

Bike:  Buell XB9R
Route:  Google Maps

This ride report seems a bit ridiculous since the Boyce Store is less than five miles from my house. But I needed to get the Buell out of the garage and I did manage to do 25 miles, getting home just as a storm rolled in. And I reckon it might be a good idea to stay close to home on this bike, just in case the Buell's tags aren't up to date. Just in case...

Two country stores in one trip!  I needed air. It's surprisingly difficult to turn a bike that's 10psi low front and rear.
I keep forgetting how much fun this bike is. And the KTM has reminded me just how stupid loud it is. I LOVE IT!

Here we are...
Boyce Store.
The grill is in the back.
Boyce Burger & Onion Rings.

Lunch/Dinner:  They make pizzas, but I've never tried one. The BLTs are great, and the burgers are cooked to order. They'll look at you funny if you ask for the 1/3-lb "little" burger, so go for the 1/2-lb Boyce Burger.

Sides:  Get the Onion Rings. They don't have anything cold like Potato Salad or Cole Slaw.

Breakfast:  It's great, especially if you like stuff like Biscuits & Gravy, Sausage Egg Cheese Biscuits, Bacon Egg Cheese Biscuits, etc. You can sneak in the side door at 5AM; earlier on Saturdays.

VERDICT:  I love this place. The ladies at the store couldn't be any friendlier and the food is a step above what I've found at other little country stores around here. But apparently I don't visit often enough, as they never seem to remember me. I tipped big today. They'll remember me next time...

This kinda freaked me out when I was reviewing the GoPro pics.
Perfect logo placement?
Winner Winner Boyce Burger Dinner!

Headin' home...


UPDATE (10/14/11):  Fall Ride for the Boyce Big Breakfast.
Bike:  KTM Super Duke R
Route:  Google Maps

I haven't been on a bike in at least a month, so a quick breakfast ride was in order to knock off some rust. Same roads as the June ride above, but on a different bike at a different time of day in a different season. Some of the big pics below are from the same parts of road as some of the big pics above, so it's neat to compare the scenery today from four months ago.

The weird thing about this trip is that I was riding so early in the day. I think the last time I was on a bike this early was leaving Las Vegas on the Buell in Fall of '04 after my brother's bachelor party weekend. I didn't want to leave before noon, but they kicked me out.

It even looks early.  Those shadows are going the wrong way.
Of course, "early" is relative. The school kids had already been at it for an hour.

The Fall colors are starting to pop.

These next two pictures show why I don't go around blind corners too fast these days. Remember, objects in these pictures are a LOT closer than they appear, and the corners are sharper than they appear...

This Is How They Get You I.
This Is How They Get You II.
(My road goes off to the left -- she pulled out from the side road on the right.)

This was no big deal, but had I been going 20mph faster, it would have been a challenge to avoid her. Worse yet, she may have freaked out at my approaching speed and panic-stopped right in the middle of the road.

Boyce Store.

Boyce Big Breakfast.

I love a Boyce Burger, but I probably hear people talk more about the Boyce Biscuits. They do make a mean breakfast! I could do this at home, but my biscuits wouldn't be as good and it would take me longer than it takes to just ride here, eat, and enjoy the ride back. It's definitely more fun eating here -- you'll never eat alone, and there are often some real characters hanging out (or working).

Breakfast is available from 5:00am 'till about 10:00am, unless they run out first. Try it sometime. Now that Mo's is closed, this is the only real country store close by. It might only be five minutes off 231, but you'll feel like you stepped back in time. Good times, everytime.

This looks like a step back in time, which is exactly what we love about Boyce Store.

I think I see me.

Headin' home, on new tarmac...

BONUS:  Although Fall means the riding season is coming to an end [for me], at least we know they don't close for snow...


UPDATE II (10/30/11):  I went back for breakfast a couple times this week. One morning I was late and they were out of biscuits. For a few minutes I was the only customer in the store so I had a chance to chat with [the owner] Ruth for awhile. She's selling the store. She's done that two or three times before, but she always ends up buying it back and rebuilding the business. Now in her seventies, she says she's tired and this time she's really done. So let's hope she finds a good buyer who can keep things going. It would be a shame to lose another good country store.

Ruth has some great stories, so make sure you say hi if you stop in anytime soon while she's still there. She loves this place and the regulars who frequent it. At the current asking price, the new buyer is going to get a great deal. But buyer beware -- she said it's not going to be a pretty closing, as she'll be crying the whole time...

Chicken Egg Cheese Sandwich.
Boyce Bacon Egg Cheese Biscuit.

UPDATE III (8/1/12):  Bye, Ruth

Well, she found a buyer and the closing should take place next week. This might be the last chance to get a Boyce Burger or a Boyce Big Breakfast, so I'll try to get both. I don't know how much things will change, but things won't be quite the same.

Last Boyce BEC Biscuits from Ruth's Boyce Store.

UPDATE IV (8/7/12):
  I stopped by for lunch today, hoping to say goodbye to Ruth and drop off some pictures I printed out for her. But I was a day too late as today was the first day for the new owners, Brad & Brie. They seem excited about running the store and they say things won't change much at first. I told them I'd keep coming back as long as the Boyce Burgers are there, and another customer reminded them to keep the Pizzas. No objections, so that's good! They do plan on adding baked goods and BBQ in the future. Ruth & Toni are gone, but the other ladies are still running the grill and today's Boyce Burger was just as good as any other day.

It seems weird that Anna Mae sold the Drake Country Store in the same month that Ruth sold the Boyce Store, but I'm glad that both seem to have enthusiastic new owners. I wish them well and I'll be back. And I hope Ruth is enjoying herself...

Brad & Brie, on the first day as owners.
[I never posted a picture of Ruth because she wouldn't let me.]
First Boyce Burger at Brad & Brie's Boyce Store.

UPDATE V (1/30/13):  It's only been four or five months since B&B took over the store, and I have to say I love what they've done with the place.  The most obvious changes are aesthetic, with the new sign and wraparound front porch outside.  Inside, the new paint, the big-screen TV, and the streamlined layout provide a more inviting [and smoke-free] environment.

The best part is that the food has only gotten better.  Brie has added baked goods and Brad brings the BBQ on Wednesdays -- smoked pork for sure, and sometimes you might find brisket, too.  Of course, the famous Boyce Burger and the beloved biscuits are still available every day.

Wednesday is BBQ Day.

If you needed another reason to visit, I have to recommend the Boyce Christmas Parade in December.  I guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised that such a small community can put on such a cool event.  Very impressive, indeed.  And if candy is your thing, it's better than Halloween!

Watching the Boyce Christmas Parade approach.

Candy.  Candy.  And more candy.
The Boyce Christmas Parade is like trick-or-treating, but easier.
Cause you just stand there and the candy comes to you.
Bring a bag...

UPDATE (10/20/13):  There was a seriously cool group of visitors at the Boyce Store today. Click here for more pics...

UPDATE (4/5/14):  Good times at the Spring Festival. Boyce Burgers, live music, and great weather...

Boyce Burger.

I think something's wrong here, but Little Man definitely has his eyes on the prize... that burger.

UPDATE (5/2/14):  Man, I just had a fun week! I got to help out in the kitchen and grill some Boyce Burgers for a few days when they were a bit shorthanded. That was a blast, as a bunch of friends and family stopped by to eat lunch. Not coincidentally, I'm very much considering a career change right about now. Thanks, Brad & Brie!

Representin' Red Wing, MN in Boyce, KY, I finally got my SuperbikePlanet apron dirty.
I've never even been to Red Wing, but Red Wing hasn't been to Boyce, either. No matter.

My first Boyce Burger was a messy one.
That's OK because it was mine.

I was doing a little better on Day Two.

Grilled Chicken w/ Grilled Onions & Peppers.

Boyce Burger w/ Egg.
On my last day we got all fancy, thanks to some friends & family who stopped in for burgers.
It started when my toddler ordered a burger with fries on it and culminated with buddy Lane's egg burger.

UPDATE (6/14/14):  More good times at Boyce lately...

Finally made it to a Friday Catfish Dinner.  Good stuff.
I'm no fried catfish expert, but those I know have come back for more. I can see why.

Had a Fried Chicken picnic at the creek.

This evening they held the first ever Pickin' on the Patio concert -- featuring some of our friends from the band Diversified -- to kick off the new summer concert series. I don't know how many people showed up, but I know they smoked ten Boston Butts and 45 racks of ribs! Looks like that patio is gonna work out just fine...

The drummer always gets the girl...


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