Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wildfire BBQ & Grill (Franklin, KY)

Bike:  KTM Super Duke R
Route:  Google Maps

I finally got the KTM registered in KY and I had time for a quick evening ride to Franklin for some BBQ tonight. I was reminded how nice these roads are when we took the Jeep to Franklin last week for The Farewell Drifters CD release party. Naturally, they're a lot more fun on a bike.

I love my Old Scottsville Rd.
We don't have many KTM street bikes around here.
I blew this corner on the way back. I've done the same thing in the Jeep.

Fork in the Road.
Simpson County Trucks Don't Like Being Passed I.

Franklin Town Square.
Wildfire BBQ & Grill.
I got there just before closing time, so I had the place to myself.
Bad cell phone picture. I won't do that again. I promise.
The owner, Jeff, is a really nice guy. He wanted to talk bikes, so I showed him the KTM while my order was being prepared. I wanted to talk BBQ, so he showed me the smoke room after they closed. A few days later I called him for some help with a Brisket and a Boston Butt I had on the smoker, and he gave me some timely advice.

Pulled Pork:  Very moist with a light smoke flavor.

Beef Brisket:  Unfortunately, I could barely test it after sampling the Wildfire sauce. My bad. It seemed to be perfectly cooked, though.

Pork Shoulder:  Excellent -- the best thing on my plate.

Sauces:  They make their own House Mild, Medium, Wildfire [hot!], & Vinegar sauces. Medium is probably spicy enough for most people. If you ask for some of the Wildfire sauce from the back, heed their warning. It's good, but it pretty much overwhelms any other tastes.

VERDICT:  I'll go back. Often. They smoke the pork and beef overnight, and cook ribs and chicken throughout the day. I've been told their chicken might be the best thing on the menu, so I'll try that next time. And I'll get a better picture of the food.

Simpson County Trucks Don't Like Being Passed II.

You'll see a lot of white churches and cemeteries on these roads.

A documented case of Target Fixation -- I was supposed to go left, but I was looking straight.
And there goes my road home... over there... to the left.

Headin' home...


UPDATE (8/2/11):  I finally made it back to Wildfire to get some better pictures and try the ribs. I like this place more every time I visit. I just wish it was about ten miles closer to home so it would make for a more convenient lunch break.

Here's a better pic of the Pit Combo -- Pulled Pork, Sliced Shoulder, & Beef Brisket.
1/2 rack Baby Back Ribs, and a happy kid enjoying the last week of Summer Vacation.

I had been looking forward to these ribs, and they didn't disappoint. Most BBQ joints around here serve the bigger Spare Ribs, but I'm a Baby Back guy and these were very similar to what I smoke at home. 4-5 hours in the smoke and finished off with some BBQ sauce -- it's a formula that works every time for my tastes.

The Pulled Pork had a little more smoke flavor this time. And it was once again plenty moist, more so than Split Tree. But my favorite item on the Pit Combo plate is still the Sliced Pork Shoulder. It's perfect for dipping in the various BBQ sauces. The House Medium is still my favorite with plenty of flavor and just enough spice to make it interesting. 

Jeff chatted with us for awhile and he gave me another tip that works: ask for the Wildfire sauce from the back and mix it with the House Vinegar sauce to make the heat bearable and add some zing. Nice! If you're not going to cut it with the House Vinegar, make sure you order some Slaw to help after you overdo the Wildfire sauce. It's dangerous.

We both liked the Onion Rings and especially the Homemade Chips -- they are similar to Zaxby's, but better because there is less salt and we didn't have to throw away any soggy chips.

I need to go back soon to try the Chicken or BBQ Nachos...

UPDATE II (10/29/11):  Fall BBQ Ride.
Bike:  KTM Super Duke R
Route:  Google Maps

The last five months have been fun, and now it's back to the scene of my first Countryside Food Ride for some more BBQ and a nice ride during [or just after] the Fall Foliage peak. The scenery below is a lot different than the same scenery above. There are a lot of pics because the colors are cool, and a football game was involved. 

I love my Old Scottsville Rd... especially in Fall.

It looks like the Drake Country Store is still closed.

Gold City, KY.

Franklin Town Square.
Wildfire BBQ & Grill.
I'm starting to think they reserve this booth for me!
Loaded BBQ Potato.

I like this place more every time I visit. I wanted to try the Chicken or BBQ Nachos, but I was in a hurry and Jeff said their new Loaded BBQ Potato could be prepared faster. Wow, that's a big potato! And topped with butter, cheese, and pulled pork, it's a whole lot of food! It was great, and it was more than I could eat in one sitting. I did decide that my favorite sauce is now the Wildfire + House Vinegar mix. I should have listened to Jeff sooner! Next time I go in a car, I'm taking some home with me...

Franklin Town Square.
Chaney's Dairy Barn.
Old Kung-Fu Barn.

Game time!
It was a rough game.
[Not pictured is the Vikings player scoring a TD.]
There he goes again.
Losing sucks, but you can still smile a little bit if you know you did your best.

Natcher Parkway.

The new Parkway extension is still not open, but they aren't trying real hard to keep it closed. I know two people who have gone for joyrides in cars, so a banzai run home on a bike should be easy enough. And since the road is closed, it wouldn't violate Rule #2. But I screwed up and mentioned the idea to my wife who made me promise I wouldn't do it, so all I could do was pause for a moment and reflect on what could have been.

Headin' home...


UPDATE III (11/8/11):  Back to my booth for BBQ Nachos and some stuff to take home...

BBQ Nachos.
It IS hot!

Dry Rub Half-Chicken & Fried Corn on the Cob (to go).

Like the Loaded BBQ Potato, the BBQ Nachos lunch was more than enough food for one meal! But the real revelation of this day was the Dry Rub Chicken -- perhaps the best thing on the menu. Along with the Fried Corn, it was a great dinner back home later in the day. Seriously, great stuff.


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