Friday, August 15, 2014

The Coffee Cart (Scottsville, KY)

Meet the Mays.

I first met Kyle at Boyce General Store where he gave me a sample of his killer Habanero hot sauce. Turns out he and his wife, Sabrina, make it on their Allen County farm. They call it Farmer's Daughter Hot Sauce, and it quickly became our favorite hot sauce ever. It's both hot and sweet with a real nice flavor that compliments just about anything. Wasn't long before I was buying extra jars for friends, all of whom have asked for more.

Farmer's Daughter Hot Sauce, first jar.

Farmer's Daughter Hot Sauce for friends, first distribution.

Today we're switching gears from hot sauce to coffee. The Mays recently took ownership of Scottsville's Coffee Cart and they're setting up downtown this morning to do a spot with Andrew Dockery and the Map Dot crew for Bowling Green Today.

I don't know much about coffee, but my wife digs it. Seems like a good way to start a Friday and kick off a weekend...

Scottsville Square.

The Coffee Cart.
Kyle & Sabrina Mays.

Hollywood and the Map Dot crew with Andrew Dockery and the WNKY crew.

TV time for Sabrina.

The Coffee Cart, Map Dot, Andrew, and Kyle.

Sabrina's looking at the right camera!
That's my coffee being made. Well, my wife's coffee.

As previously stated, I know nothing about coffee and I've never seen it made like this. What's the deal? Here's how Sabrina explains it:

"We only use locally roasted beans, mainly using Quills Coffee out of Louisville. I measure and grind enough beans for a cup each time. I use the pour over method to brew our coffee, giving it a much better taste. The first 30 seconds of the brewing process is when we allow the grounds to "bloom" up into what looks like a muffin top. This is allows the carbon dioxide that was trapped in the beans during the roasting process out, thus allowing more water to come in contact with the grounds. After the bloom has finished I slowly in small circles pour over the grounds. The entire process takes about 2 1/2 minutes per cup. The difference in the taste is unimaginable. We tried the same coffee at home in our coffee maker and you wouldn't believe the difference. Each cup is $2.50, but well worth the price and the wait!"

Wife agrees. Well worth the price and the wait. Go visit the Coffee Cart on a nice Allen County morning. You'll be glad you did.

After all the TV hoopla the Map Dot crew headed to Sam's for some burgers. But it was time for Hickory Hill Barbecue to open, so you know where we went on the way home. First customers of the day!

Hickory Hill Barbecue.
Coffee & BBQ? Why not!

Horse & Buggy to the left.
Watermelon Wagon to the right.
Here we are, stuck in the middle with you.

Headed home through Oakley, KY.

Hickory Hill Bourbon BBQ Sandwich & BBQ Nachos (back home).

Three minutes later.
Did I mention she really likes the nachos?

The obligatory motorcycle or Corvette pic that has nothing to do with nothing.
Buell. Nightswimming through Warren County.

UPDATE:  That coffee definitely kick started a great weekend in South Central KY...

We went kayaking, where we ran into Little Bro.

Drakes Creek.

Drakes Creek.

Poor April.
We keep trying to point her in the right direction, but...

Drakes Creek.

Old Scottsville Road bridge over Drakes Creek.

Fish Friday at Boyce I.

Fish Friday at Boyce II.

Fish Friday at Boyce III.

Back to Boyce on Saturday for Bikes & Burgers.

The new Better Boyce Burger.
You know we love it...


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bombers, Chicago Dogs, and Fighter Jets (Bowling Green, KY)

Last. Day. Of. Summer.

Might as well do something fun before the boys head back to school!

The Collings Foundation flew a B-17, B-24, and P-51 into town as part of their Wings of Freedom Tour, so we're headed to the Bowling Green - Warren County Regional Airport. Then we're gonna check out the Aviation Heritage Park. And in between we'll grab some grub at Big Al's.

I happen to be an excellent pilot [at home on the computer], but I don't know much about planes. So I'll keep the words to a minimum and let the links do the talking...


The obligatory Corvette or motorcycle pic that has nothing to do with nothing.
It's actually a Lamborghini this time, and Little Man was thrilled to see it in the airport parking lot.
"Look, Daddy! A real race car! That's a real race car!"
It's a real Countach at least, and it's a beauty.

Consolidated B-24 Liberator.
Over 18,000 were built.
Witchcraft is the only one still flying.

While certainly useful in WWII, if you've read Unbroken you know she was a finicky beast.
If you haven't read it, you should. Movie coming soon.
RIP, Louie.


That's hard to read, so more info about this B-24 can be found here.




Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.

Nine-O-Nine is is one of only ten still flying.

More info on this B-17 here.





GoPro: so easy a four-year-old can do it.

Yeah, that four-year-old.

Planes are cool and all, but he loves the helicopters...

There's supposed to be a Mustang here, but it isn't here.

It's over there!
It flew in while we were arriving. That was quite the sight.
More info on this P-51 here.


Betty Jane.

Betty Jane.
Thanks to the Collings Foundation for bringing their Flying Museum to town!

Time for a segue...
This T-38 Talon is currently sitting on the airport tarmac, but is destined for the Aviation Heritage Park.

More info on Terry Wilcutt's plane here.

NASA T-38 Talon.

Big Al's Chicago

Lunch time!
It turns out that Big Al is actually a dude named Mark.

FLASHBACK: I happened to stumble upon this place on the first day of their soft opening.
It instantly became one of our favorite lunch destinations in BG.
The Chicago Dog is spot on.

FLASHBACK: My Chicago friends say the Italian Beef is the real deal, too.
I just know it's darn good.


Big Al's.
One order of fries is enough for three.

Big Al's Chili Cheese Dog.

Big Al's Chicago Dog.
Still as good as it was on opening day.

Aviation Heritage Park

This unused corner of Basil Griffin Park has been turned into a place to honor the service of local pilots, astronauts, and their machines.

Aviation Heritage Park.

Dan Cherry's McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom.




Russell Dougherty's Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star.





John Magda's Grumman F9F Panther.




Arnie Franklin's General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark.