Monday, July 4, 2011

Little Red Corvette

Bike Car:  Corvette Z06
Route:  Google Maps

This post violates every rule I made up. I played with the GPS, I hit the Interstate, I ran the same section of road four times, and I broke the two most obvious and unspoken rules:  1) Ride a motorcycle, and 2) Eat somewhere neat.

Luckily, when you make the rules you can break the rules. So when a buddy who is currently working in Afghanistan asked if I'd like to take his Corvette out for the day and get her some exercise, I couldn't say no. He said funny things like, "Be careful with the rear end getting light on Old Scottsville Rd -- it'll definitely step out on you!". And my favorite, "For the record, tire smoke and red-line shifts are not abuse!"

I replied with the standard, "Oh, I wouldn't drive somebody else's car like that."  And I meant it. I really did. Right up until I turned on Old Scottsville Rd. Holy crap this thing is fun!  It's a 500 horsepower go kart!  No frills and no way to drive slow -- it won't let you!  

Of course, he was right about everything. Her rear end does like to step out on you! She does love red-line shifts! From what I can tell, she loves everything except going slow. And I love her. She's gorgeous and she's got a beautiful voice. I think she loves me, too, so I can't wait to spend more time with her [hint hint, old friend].

Happy Fourth of July!  God Bless America...

Cute butt. I told y'all she was pretty.
Dig the rear-view reflection.
I could get used to this.
Slightly edited just in case Mom is watching.


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