Thursday, October 20, 2011

Motor City Bar & Grill (Bowling Green, KY)

Bike:  KTM Super Duke R
Route:  Google Maps

Motor City probably doesn't qualify for a real Countryside Food Ride for a couple reasons. Like Corvette Cafe, it sits right off I-65. Like Boyce Store & Split Tree BBQ, it's too close to home to be much of a ride. In fact, it took some effort to choose a different route home and obey Rule #3. But it was a perfect destination for this Fall afternoon when the colors are getting bright and I only had one hour to play late in the day.

This place has gone through several incarnations over the last few years and I've ignored most of them. Located next to the Harley dealership, it's certainly a popular place with weekend bikers. Situated within walking distance of all the I-65 Exit 22 hotels, it's also popular with car lovers who come to BG for the various events at Beech Bend & the NCM throughout the year.

The latest version of Motor City brags about having the best breakfast in town, so I recently tried it and loved it. One rotten morning when Denny's or Waffle House or Cracker Barrel was needed but they all had long waits, Motor City served us quickly and the meal was great. So, time to go back for a snack...

Fence Row & Shadow.

Here we are...

Hot Wings.

VERDICT:  It's a great place for breakfast on a weekend and weekday morning. It's a fine place for bar food later in the day, and there are plenty of TVs for watching the games. The Hot Wings are big and the sauce is more tangy than it is spicy, so don't be afraid to order one of the hotter options.

I once saw a clavicle break and a shoulder separate on this hill.
Skateboards are dangerous...
I once lived in a house on top of that hill that you can't see.

Heain' home...


UPDATE (11/10/11):  Breakfast.

Home Run Breakfast.

This place really does serve a mean breakfast. That's two Eggs, Hash Browns, Bacon, Sausage, Ham, French Toast, & Biscuits. With coffee and a tip it's right around $10. What's not to like? Honestly, that's a breakfast for two!

UPDATE II (1/24/12):  I dropped in mid-afternoon between lunch and dinner when nobody else was there. I talked for a minute with the owner, Doug. Apparently he bought the place in June and he said he's left the Breakfast menu alone while he's trying to improve the Lunch/Dinner menu. I think everything is working out just fine. I liked my burger and I like Doug's Motor City.

Motor City Burger w/ Grilled Onions & Mushrooms.  Awesome.
Titans! Preds! Tops! Dolphins! Hot Rods!
I think that covers it...



  1. Hey Rob, I just found your blog and have to say it's great. I'm somewhat of a foodie and it looks like we're neighbors - since many of the routs home go past my property. Great pictures, great rides, great site! (bookmarked)

  2. Thanks for the kind words, David or Carrie or both! We certainly live in a great area if you like good food, fun road trips, and Southern hospitality. You wouldn't happen to live on Old Scottsville Rd or New Cut Rd, would you?

  3. Old Scottsville Rd. - Yes, this is a wonderful place to live. Happy New Year.


    More about us,

  4. Very cool blog! When I got to the smoked/fried turkey post I knew it was one to bookmark. You should come over and check out our pizza oven sometime. And bring the camera!

  5. Thanks for visiting! I may just do that since I think I know where you live (grin) We wanted to buy that old house across the street about 16 years ago and fix it up.

    After reading this post, Carrie and I decided to try Motor City yesterday. It was very good and affordable. A little dark in there, but the food was really good. Thanks for the advice.