Saturday, March 31, 2012

Old Scottsville Road (Video)

Bike:  KTM Super Duke R
Route:  Google Maps

Old Scottsville Road in Fall.

Old Scottsville Road in Summer.
Hills, curves, dips, kinks, and sweet fence rows.

This isn't the best road in the world; it's just my favorite...

The best roads I've traveled are in California where you can enjoy breathtaking & unrivaled ocean views, brutal yet starkly beautiful desert roads, and exhaustingly twisty routes carved through mountain ranges or snaking through canyons. These are my favorites:
Pacific Coast Highway, CA-190 descending into Panamint Valley heading towards Death Valley, and Angeles Crest Highway (closed).

I certainly had fun out West with the Jeep and the Buell, and my KTM also has a favorite California road -- Laguna Seca Raceway! Home of the Corkscrew, it's a magical place where we saw Alex Zanardi pull off The Pass and later saw Valentino Rossi do the same thing on two wheels.

That's where Ms. Black spent her first 2,000 miles doing laps as part of the now-defunct Skip Barber Superbike School, which means my motorcycle has a much cooler resume than I'll ever have. I had some great times at Laguna Seca, but I've never been on the track. My last visit was the most memorable and the KTM hadn't even been born yet...

Looking down on Turns 1-4 from the hill, looking over at the Corkscrew from the hill, watching Nicky Hayden salute the Turn 4 crowd (and vice versa).
The 2005 Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix was the best sporting event I've ever attended, partly because it was the return of MotoGP to America and mostly because we saw fellow Kentuckian Nicky Hayden earn his first MotoGP victory in dominant flag-to-flag fashion. He had never won a GP, but he'd also never raced in a GP on home turf and we watched him come through Turn 4 ahead of Valentino Rossi on Every. Single. Lap. I might have cried a little. So what? It was so awesome they made a whole movie about it.

Anyway, back to the present day. I'm sure the KTM wasn't thrilled to leave Laguna Seca for Old Scottsville Road, and I'm not gonna say Dead Man's Curve or the Mid-Ohio Complex are anywhere near as fun as the Corkscrew, but I'd like to think she's having a good time here. She sure is treating me well.

Old Scottsville Road in Fall.
(Dead Man's Curve not exactly visible on the right.)

This has been my favorite 6.5 miles of asphalt since the first time I moved to Alvaton, before I could even drive. When I moved back to Kentucky I rented a house at the end of the road and got married there. When I bought my first house I made sure it had a proper address. When my son was born he came home to Old Scottsville Road. I probably sound a little crazy, but this road puts a smile on my face every day... every day I leave the house, anyway.

The first (or last) two or three miles on the Southern end are pretty boring with some fun hills, nice views, a new church, a fire station, and a new elementary school... but not much in the way of twists & turns. The rest of the road is the exact opposite -- it's a winding ribbon of hills, curves, dips, and kinks that really provide a fun riding or driving experience. There are no businesses; it's just farmland and residential properties (you'll pass dilapidated homes, mobile homes, and million-dollar homes). It doesn't take long to find the rhythm of this road, and once you do you'll be hooked. And then you'll wonder why your wife always takes the new Scottsville Road to town and back.

[And then she'll probably say something about deer, turkeys, peacocks, squirrels, possums, skunks, foxes, dogs, bad drivers, and whatever else. It's true -- like any country road with blind hills and blind corners and girls on cell phones, you will encounter surprises at times. It's not a racetrack, and people that treat it like one sometimes pay a price.]

It's not the best road in the world; it's just my favorite.

The KTM on Old Scottsville Rd in Fall.

Last week I was playing with various ways to mount the GoPro HD HERO2 and shoot video from the KTM. The camera is phenomenal, especially for the price, but I'm not happy with any of my mounting options on this bike -- they all suffer from too much vibration (I guess the GoPro would be completely unusable on the Buell). But I did three runs and I didn't want to totally waste the video, so by using various parts of each one I created a virtual traffic-free run going both directions. That never happens in real life.

So here's Old Scottsville Road in Spring. All of it. Both ways. I just wish I could have done this five or six years ago, before the power line projects and the other tree-cutting operations. Because as much as I love this road now, I loved it more back then.

[NOTE:  Scroll down to the bottom for higher-quality 1080p video.]



UPDATE (4/1/12):  I also uploaded the video to Vimeo in full 1080p quality -- not because I think it's the most awesome video ever, but because people frequently ask me about the camera and Vimeo offers higher playback quality. So, here's what a GoPro HD HERO2 does in 1080-30FPS mode while mounted on a bitchin' 75-degree V-twin at responsible speeds on a fun road.

UPDATE II (4/11/12):  Speaking of turkeys...

That poor bird got killed by my right shoulder about one second later. I refer to this section of road as Turkey Hill for obvious reasons -- we often see turkeys roaming the farmland at the bottom of the hill by the creek, or a field between two wooded areas at the top. I'd never before seen one standing on the road between those guardrails, but this is the time of year when they are acting stupid.

It flew right into me (if you can call whatever they do flying) just as I was thinking, "That looks like a turkey; it won't try to fly." I heard a cracking noise when we hit and at first didn't know if it was bird bones or my bones, but my shoulder still works and the bird is laying on the other side of that guardrail. I was left with a good bruise, a good scare, and a good lesson learned -- next time I'll think, "That looks like a turkey, and it's about to fly straight at my head!"

Props to Joe Rocket for the shoulder protection.

UPDATE III (7/10/12):  And sometimes this happens...

I love Kentucky.

UPDATE IV (10/21/12):  A bunch of fall foliage pictures here...

Dead Man's Curve.


  1. Nice post Rob. Wish I would have been there to see Nicky take his dad on a victory lap. USA!


  2. OK USA! The crowd loved it when when Nick did another lap with the American Flag and Earl on board. What a great moment... Earl's Racing Team rules.