Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dumas Walker (Greensburg, KY)

Bike:  KTM Super Duke R
Route:  Google Maps

Well, let's all go down to Dumas Walker.
Let's all go down to Dumas Walker.
We'll get a slaw burger, fries, and a bottle of Ski.
Bring it on out to my baby and me.
-- Kentucky Headhunters

If this place wasn't already famous for the Slaw Burger, the Kentucky Headhunters certainly put it on the map with their song "Dumas Walker" in 1990.  But they also made things a bit confusing for people like me who come along twenty years later looking for a burger.  Apparently the real name of this establishment was the Adolphus Ennis Lunchroom and a lot of people know it as The Greasy Spoon.  The Kentucky Headhunters did enjoy the slaw burgers here and they did know Mr. Ennis.  But Dumas Walker is another dude who operated a Tennessee establishment and his name worked better in the song.  The Headhunters combined a couple different influences to make a catchy tune and I reckon everybody wins.

Everybody but me.  Yup, this was my second consecutive Food Ride Fail.  To be honest, this one was not completely unexpected.  I called the place on Friday to see if it really existed and to ask when they would be open on Saturday.  The lady I spoke with made it clear that she might be open for lunch, she might be open for dinner, she might be open for both, and she might be open for neither...

A slaw burger, fries, and a bottle of Ski?
Nope, not today.  At least, not for me.
-- Me

Barren River Lake Dam.

The Dam Store is closed, baby... the Dam Store is closed.

I spent a lot of time being lost in the Glasgow area.  Like, over 20 miles on the odometer of lost.  That shouldn't even be possible, but I did it.  I can't even figure out how to put that on the Route Map.
Hiseville, KY.

I found the place where Land Rovers go after they die.
Sulpher Well, KY.
Across the street from the Sulpher Well Park is the Lighthouse Restaurant.  As mentioned in my last post, people say this is the best Meat-and-Three in the land.  It is on my list, but I'm thinking this place is more minivan than motorbike.

Due Dirty Laundry, Greensburg, KY.
The Public Square in Greensburg is a charming place.

Everybody calls it 'Dumas Walker'.
The real name was 'A. Ennis Lunchroom'.
Many know it as 'The Greasy Spoon'.
The sign says 'KY Head Hunters'.
It's hard to see, but this sign says they close at 1:00 or 3:30 on Saturday.  Love it!
My baby and me are out here, but nobody is bringing us that slaw burger, those fries, or that bottle of Ski.

I do not know if they were ever open for lunch on this day.  A note on the front door said that they would open at 4:00pm.  I learned that this was not a normal Saturday as there was some sort of evening music festival taking place on the Square.  That Friday phone conversation made a little more sense with this information.  A little more...

VERDICT (Dumas Walker):  How can you not love a place that doesn't even have it's real name on the sign and doesn't know when [or whether] they'll open or close on any given Saturday?  It was a fun ride, and there are plenty of other roads leading toward Greensburg so I look forward to trying again.

Three cool dudes hanging out on the Square.

I discussed my predicament with these three guys hanging out on the corner.  They said the Mexican restaurant across the street was my best bet for lunch.  Going against my unwritten rule to avoid unknown Mexican joints more than thirty minutes from home, I decided to trust these guys and grab some lunch at Los Agaves.  I'm glad I did!

Los Agaves.
Beef & Chicken Fajitas.
That plate on the left sizzled for nine minutes.
Probably better than a slaw burger anyway....

VERDICT (Los Agaves):  That was a lot of food for $7.16 (including tax), and the Pico & Guac were especially tasty.  College football on the TVs was a bonus.  It seemed strange to eat at a Mexican restaurant without seeing any beer or margaritas, but that's not their fault.  I'd go back anytime.  I'll definitely go back the next time I try and fail to get a slaw Burger!

I thought I was leaving Greensburg at 2:45pm, but it was really 3:45.  Had I been aware of he time zone change, I would have gone back across the street and waited 15 minutes for that slaw burger photo.  Fail!

After Greensburg I visited some old friends at their cabin at an undisclosed location off the grid.  I came for milk.  I lucked out and got some fresh dessert, too.  It was the first time in two weeks I had good timing! While eating that dessert I finally realized what time zone I was in.  Hopefully I'll remember to account for that on future rides going North and/or East.  I probably won't.

Meet Liberty the Cow.  She makes milk, butter, and ice cream.
Liberty loves the camera.
Fresh milk and fresh eggs everyday (they have chickens, too).
My friends are living right...
Lemon Cream Poppy Seed Cake & the freshest milk I've had in about 431 months.

For the record, that glass of milk was a gift!  I did not pay for it -- that would be an illegal transaction, you see.  I'm sure there's a good reason I can't buy fresh milk from a neighbor, right?  Right???

Anyway, the ride home was real nice, even if it was a little weird.

I have no idea...
V-Twin parking?
Green River Lake Dam.
Columbia, KY.
Another view of Columbia, KY.  I may have made a wrong turn or two.

Boo, Parkway!


That Sunoco station sits right where 68 & 80 meet. I never thought about before, but I guess they had to meet somewhere!  After I fueled up, a little kid approached me and asked if I'd ever seen a bike called the Dakota 999?  He said that was the fast one -- the one with three 9s.  Cute kid.  I didn't tell him the one with three 9s was also the ugly one.  Eh eh...

Headin' home through the westbound side of Glasgow's Water Street Tunnels...


UPDATE (9/7/12):  370 days later I finally got my slaw burger, fries, and bottle can of Ski!  And it was a real surprise, as this visit was the complete opposite of my first experience described above.  Before a trip back to BG from Lexington I called ahead and was told they close at 3:00 PM.  Knowing I wouldn't travel through Greensburg before 4:00, I didn't plan on getting a burger.  However...

Doesn't look like they're open.

Still doesn't look like they're open...

...but it never hurts to check!

They were supposed to close more than an hour ago, but another couple was finishing up their meal at the bar and I was told to have a seat as the grill was still warm.  Score!

The bar is in the back.

Darlene & Helen.

Darlene has owned this place for almost nine years, and Helen is her sister.  I asked them a little bit about the history and they confirmed that the Kentucky Headhunters truly were patrons, and the song used Dumas Walker simply because it was impossible to figure out a catchy rhyme for Ennis.  Fair enough!  Officially, the name is still Ennis's, but it doesn't sound like many people use it.

These ladies couldn't be any more hospitable -- they stayed open for an extra twenty minutes just to feed me, and the conversation was great.  They love having out-of-town visitors, so make sure to say hi and ask about the dollar bills on the wall.  Some of them have good stories, even the missing ones...

The booths are in the front.

Slaw Burger, Fries, and a bottle can of Ski!

The thing about the slaw burgers is that they're small.  I wasn't even hungry so one was plenty for me, but apparently it's weird to just order one.  It's also ridiculously cheap.  $5 covered my meal, tip, and my contribution to the wall...

Real Lemon.  Real Orange.  Real Good!

Note the dollar bills on the wall.
Go there.  Leave one.

Closing time, an hour and a half after closing time.
Thanks for the hospitality Darlene & Helen!
It was a pleasure and I'll be back.

Till next time...



  1. Great ride. I do the same except all my video is on YouTube. From the looks of it we are not that far appart (Vine Grove Ky). I think it would be great to meet up and check some of these places out.

    1. Sounds good. Looks good. We should meet in the middle somewhere...

    2. Grew up in Flippin ky 33 yrs ago left it for monterey ca thanks for the memories.

    3. Grew up in Flippin ky 33 yrs ago left it for monterey ca thanks for the memories.

  2. Great pics and story, thanks for sharing...

  3. I haven't been there in like 17 years. I need to make a trip back

  4. I have eaten @ the KY Headhunters many times, grew up eating the burger, fries and course the SKI. If you enjoyed your Mexican food next time drive 11 miles east to Campbellsville and try a Mexican place called Fiesta Mexico, located across the street from The Best Western on Broadway. You will not be disappointed, I will guarantee it! Safe travels and good eatin'.