Thursday, July 17, 2014

National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park (Bowling Green, KY)

A weekday afternoon press conference isn't something that would usually be featured on these pages, so why are we here? Because this is our first chance to set foot on the coolest property in Kentucky! The NCM Motorsports Park will be open for business in just a few weeks, but this presser was open to the public and it offered a chance to get a glimpse of the paved track for the first time. Corvettes are also starting to caravan into town for the National Corvette Homecoming event this weekend, so the parking lot was bound to be full of eye candy. No reason not to go...

The PC itself was actually pretty cool. We assumed it would be some sort of track sponsorship announcement, and indeed we learned that Holley Performance Products would be sponsoring the soon-to-be-built Control Tower and Event Center at the track. One of Bowling Green's best employers supporting Bowling Green's newest and greatest thing ever? Dig it. I still think people have no idea how big this track is going to be for the city. Exit 28 rules.

More info here:

The Skid Pad / Autocross area was a parking lot today.

Corvettes stream in.
It's National Corvette Homecoming weekend, so they roam in packs.

Good crowd.

The guy from the museum.

The guy from Holley.

The mayor guy.
Also, one cool Jeep. Second from the left. Can't miss it!

"Future Home of the Holley Control Tower"

Image from Holley's Facebook page.

Corvettes, Porsches, Ferraris... the NCMMP parking lot is already looking good!

Hello, beautiful!
Can't wait 'till October.
Also, I wish my Buell had a sixth gear.

The optional chicane is visible toward the end of the main straight.
The museum's Skydome is visible on the other side of the interstate.

Just to make the day even better, I managed to photobomb a buddy's first NCMMP selfie.




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