Tuesday, May 21, 2013

CSA Chronicles

In last year's post about the Heirloom TomatoFest I explained how we were introduced to the local food movement, and mentioned that we had signed up for a CSA plan as soon as we learned what a CSA plan was. Fast forward ten months or so and we just picked up our eighth weekly CSA basket.  We're smack dab in the middle of it now.

I've been trying to document our experience with a few pics each week along with notes or links for recipes we dig. This page will be updated weekly (but not always timely) -->>  CSA Chronicles

I'm sure it will seem monotonous after awhile, if it doesn't already. And I'll readily admit it's partly just an excuse to take more food pictures. But some folks might find ideas or inspiration buried within, and I look forward to looking back on it a year from now when I better understand the nature of eating seasonly. Because right now I have no idea what's coming next.

So, keep an eye on that page if you like. In the meantime, here's how the first eight weeks of the Need More Acres Full Farm CSA looked.  You've probably heard the phrase "Farm to Table."  This is literally farm to table, every week:

CSA Baskets, Month I.

CSA Baskets, Month II.

If you are in the BG area and you aren't a CSA member, don't despair. You can find most of this stuff and a lot more at the Community Farmers Market each Saturday morning...


  1. Looks like you have a nice CSA going. I looked into it some years ago and it seemed to be a box of kale every month. But I see you have dairy and other treats in there as well. Maybe I'll wander down to my local grocer and see what's new. Hopefully more than a box of kale:)

    1. Howdy, Robin Sue. Yeah, this plan is awesome. We do get dairy products, and MEAT! No joke -- if there is a farmers market anywhere in the country that has better meat products than ours, I'd like to see it. These folks produce THE BEST beef, pork, lamb, and chicken I've ever cooked. And we get a couple pounds of some of it in our basket each week. I still go to the market on Saturdays to fill the meat drawer, but I don't need to buy much produce!