Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Roast Beef (Recipe)

I may have inadvertently lied a couple times in the last recipe post. I actually have TWO recipes memorized, and this one is even simpler than the Nachos. In fact, I can't imagine anything simpler.

I first remember eating this at my Great Grandmother Snyder's home, and I think it's the first thing my Mom taught me how to cook. This is my definition of comfort food. The ladies would serve it with mashed potatoes & gravy, but I'm keeping it simple simple simple.

  • Bottom Round Roast
  • Lemon Pepper

  • Sprinkle the roast with Lemon Pepper.
  • Cook uncovered @ 350 for about 19 minutes per pound.

It's convenient and easy to throw a few potatoes in the oven along with the beef. This roast was about 4.5 pounds.

Just sprinkle the lemon pepper over the beef, and rub some olive oil on the potatoes before sprinkling them wtih salt & pepper.

Cook at 350 degrees for about 19 minutes per pound. The ladies always said to cook it fat side up, but sometimes I forget. It turns out fine either way.


Actually, this one was a little overcooked. I don't think the thermostat on my new oven is the most accurate thing in the world, and that's why it's a good idea to check the temperature of your roast when you start getting close to the finish time.

The obligatory motorcycle or Corvette pic that has nothing to do with nothing.
Honda CBR1000RR Repsol - Limited Edition under the Willow Tree.

I like to pull it at about 125 degrees, and this was closer to 135. As long as you still have some pink, it'll be OK. But if you cook all the red out, you might was well throw it away and start over.

Meat & Potatoes... and nothing else. Perfect! This is my favorite meal of all time for as long as I can remember (although it is better when the ladies make it with mashed potatoes & gravy).

I'm going to try doing the same roast on the grill and in the pizza oven soon. Fire makes everything better, right? Right! Updates to follow... maybe even with gravy.

PS:  This is a perfect meal to cook if you ever find yourself in a hotel room with a bit of a kitchen, as we did here in Florida one day last Fall. With one trip to the grocery you can buy exactly what you need -- it's cheap and you won't buy extra stuff you'll have to throw away on your way out, except maybe the leftover lemon pepper.

UPDATE:  Fire-Roasted Beef & Potatoes  

This was the first attempt at doing a beef roast in the WFO and it cooked a lot faster than I expected. It was overdone by about ten degrees, but the exterior formed a nice crunchy bark almost like a smoked Boston Butt. That exterior with a medium center would be killer, so I shall try again.

[Almost] Bingo!

I'm pretty sure the patio has never smelled as good as it did when this roast was cooking, and even though it was overcooked it made for some pretty good sandwiches with a Horseradish Blue Cheese Spread...

UPDATE II:  Smoked Roast Beef & Potatoes  

We threw a Bottom Round Roast and some Potatoes on the smoker while starting a Boston Butt that was going all night.  The pork took sixteen hours; the beef just three.  The iGrill made sure we pulled both at the right temps.

Bottom Round Roast, Boston Butt, and Potatoes on the WSM.

Smoked Roast Beef & Potato.




  1. Hoorrah for bloody beef! One of my faves too. I like to stick a roast in my rotisserie and let it go for about 45 minutes, we like it pink too. I haven't tried lemon pepper though, will have to give that flavor a whirl. I don't think folks realize how simple it is to make a roast!

  2. Robin, your recent posts about hotel cooking reminded me that this is a perfect meal to cook in a hotel room with a small kitchen, because of it's simplicity. I added a new picture to the bottom -- can't believe I forgot that. A rotisserie sounds like fun! I had a 'Set It & Forget It' at one point -- I think it's time for an upgrade.