Saturday, October 15, 2011

Paradise Point Marketplace (Barren River Lake, KY)

Bike:  KTM Super Duke R
Route:  Google Maps

Technically, this place has a Scottsville address. But if I'm telling someone where to get the best hot dog around, I don't point them towards Scottsville; I point them towards The Lake. Located just before the first Barren River Lake bridge between Scottsville and Glasgow, it is a hard place to miss. If you do drive by without stopping, you are missing something special.

This is a family-run operation owned by Dr. John Erskine and his wife Sebrina. They are two of the friendliest people you'll ever meet, known to be passionate about their various endeavors. You'll see what I mean if you spend a few minutes at Paradise Point.

I've grabbed a few hot dogs here over the last two summers, and I've joked once or twice about spending a whole day on the patio before they close for the winter. That idea hasn't panned out. So with only a couple Saturdays left before they close for winter, I devised a plan for this one:

1) Wake the family up early and head to Paradise Point for breakfast in the minivan.
2) Go back for lunch on a bike.
3) Ride more.

It worked out pretty well. Even though I only got half of the family up for breakfast, I did get to put some miles on three vehicles, visit Paradise Point twice, watch a football game, and finish the day off with a pig roast...

The road half-paved.
Minivans are cool. There, I said it...
Half of the store is dedicated to 'Antiques & Funky Junk', as the sign says.
I'm glad Momma didn't join us for breakfast. If she did, we'd be taking these Sock Monkeys home. Just two days ago she was shopping for an adult Sock Monkey costume that she thought I was going to wear for Halloween.
FOR REFERENCE:  Momma's Sock Monkey.

[TANGENT:  That's my boy -- he hates dressing up and he loves riding bikes! The photos are by Christan Curtis. She does great work with kids, and especially babies. Check out her website or the Photography by Christan facebook page to see more examples of her work.]

Hey Ladies! C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E

The other half of the store is focused on food.
Fair enough!
A few of the breakfast options.
If I could spend a whole day here, I'd spend most of it on this patio. There's always shade and there's always music. Today it was Sinatra. Last time it was Buffett. 
Kids love these chairs -- they're bouncy. I love 'em, too. Because they're bouncy.
Bouncy seats, Breakfast, & Sinatra. Dude told me it was OK for him to have Yoo-hoo with breakfast because it's something like chocolate milk. Fine with me -- it's game day, afterall...
The Breakfast Sampler lets you pick four breakfast items. That really means three items plus Biscuits & Gravy, because you have to get the Biscuits & Gravy.

VERDICT (Breakfast):  I've been told that the Biscuits & Gravy is worth the early morning trip, and it's true. It was as good as I expected. We picked the French Toast Casserole to take home for Momma (along with the Biscuits & Gravy, of course). It was a big hit.

French Toast Casserole and Biscuits & Gravy, back at home.
Time to grab a bike and head back for lunch. Saving the Jeep for later...
The road full-paved [four hours later]. Sweet!
Ribbon of Road.

The dude on this orange Triumph looked like he was having fun. Coincidentally, I met the previous owner of this bike about 15 minutes later at Paradise Point.
We're back!

Dr. John @ his Hot Dog Cart.
Hey, I know them! Happy to see a 'Labold & Sons' sign on the door...

[TANGENT:  It's not out in the country and it doesn't serve food, but Labold & Sons Spot Cash Store is a place you should visit next time you're in downtown Bowling Green. Guys, you can chat with Tim about cars and bikes (bicycles) while the ladies do some browsing and shopping. He knows a thing or two about cars, and he might even have one you want: Labold Classics.]

They have a nice selection of various sauces and unique products I haven't seen anywhere else. Earlier in the summer they were selling homemade Salsa that was great, but I couldn't take any home on the bike.
Plenty of toppings for the dawgs.
I especially like the various Mustards.
'Experimental' Hot Dog Jambalaya & Jumbo Hot Dog w/ Horseradish Mustard.

VERDICT (Lunch):  I think they can stop experimenting with the Jambalaya because it was the best thing I ate all day [perhaps they should call it 'Jumbolaya']. If it's on the menu next season, it alone is worth the trip! These are the best hot dogs you'll get anywhere in the region. Plan to spend a little time here. Kick back on the patio with a wiener, enjoy the music, and spend a few minutes browsing the shop. You'll be glad you did...

Thumbs Up all around!
Cofeee Point.
What's this? A BBQ Joint in Allen County that I didn't know about? I shall report back...

Here's the site of the World Famous Oakley Pig Roast & Bonfire.
The World Famous Curt Oakley is on the disabled list, but that didn't stop him from grilling a whole pig [and other stuff] for 100 of his closest friends.
Game time!
Bubby had a good set of fans on hand including Little Bro, Momma, & Cousin Emma in this pic. Also on hand was his Fifth-grade Teacher and some Grandparents.
Sock Monkey Dude loves Bubby's football games, even if he doesn't watch the football part much.
Three solo tackles, one fumble recovery, and 1-for-1 on extra point kicks.

Dead Man's Curve in the Fall.
Bugs. A whole lot of bugs.

Time to grab the Jeep and head back to the Pig Roast...

Stimulus? I'm pretty sure this is a new crossing...
Horse & Buggy.
Good fire. Good crowd.
"There's camp fires and then there's Curt fires."
There's a lot to like in this pic...

Food. Fire. Fall.
[Pig, Potatoes, Corn, & Green Bean Casserole]
The daylight is gone and I am done.
Headin' home...

[Bike] Route.

UPDATE (10/22/11):  Since it worked out so well last Saturday, I came back for Biscuits & Gravy before today's football game. This time I brought the rest of the family, including Sock Monkey Dude and his Halloween costume.

One of these is not like the others. But it is like the others.
Sock Monkeys.

Game time!
Cousin M was at the game again.
Another good game for Bubby...

UPDATE (6/22/14):  Paradise Point has started streaming the church service from the rapidly-growing Crossland Community Church on Sunday mornings, so why not get some biscuits and gravy while watching a sermon. On this Sunday they also had a band playing live music before church and I couldn't believe how packed it was. They're gonna have to expand somehow if they keep this up!

Breakfast with church.

Hot dogs with Hank.

Jumbo w/ Horseradish Mustard, Red Pepper Relish, and Ale-8.

UPDATE (7/19/14):  I hoped to ride to the first-ever Taco Night at Paradise Point with some friends and do a whole new story replete with nice pictures of a beautiful day, but the weather conspired against us. So I joined the family in the minivan and we went to the lake to meet some friends. Taco Night was awesome! 250 happy people ate tacos, sides, and ice cream while listening to live music on the patio. Good times...

Dr. John and Hank get ready to kick off the first Taco Night, one with slightly more enthusiasm than the other.

Paradise Pico.

Taco Night.

Yeah, Daddy, they really are playing Neil Diamond!


The brothers Joslin did ride to Paradise Point after riding to Little Sturgis and back.
We just missed them for dinner, but they stopped by on their way home to see Little Man.
Little Man loves it when this happens...


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